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いつも wanderout をご覧いただきありがとうございます。海外のお客様からのご要望をたくさん頂いており、私たちの魅力を世界へとお届けするべく、まずは韓国への海外発送に対応いたしました。wanderout のオリジナル商品(一部のコラボ商品等含む)のみ対象になりますが、少しずつ拡大し、他の国も対応できるよう準備を進める予定です




Thank you for always checking our posts. We have been receiving a lot of requests from all over the world. And finally, our international shipping for South Korea service has started. Only wanderout's original products (including some collaboration products) are eligible, but we plan to expand it little by little and prepare to support other countries. So please enjoy wanderout.



- Applicable Products
Please check this page for International - South Korea.



Universal Stand
Universal Stool
Universal Cup Titanium Set of 2
Lamp Shade 00
Lamp Shade 00 Blk
Lamp Shade 01
Lamp Shade 01 Blk
Cartridge Jacket 00
Cartridge Jacket 00 Blk
Narrow Tray
Narrow Tray Blk
Universal Plate 30
Universal Plate 48 
Dry Mesh Bag Small
Dry Mesh Bag Medium
Oil & Seasoning Bottle 25ml
Oil & Seasoning Bottle 60ml
Insulation Sheet 00
Sweat Crew Casestudy Lv.4
Sweat Pants Casestudy Lv.4

Style Japan

Mosquito Coil Holder “Kayari”
For Wanderout Mosquito Coil Holder “Kayari”


For Wanderout 1L Anti-Bottle 


- International Order Method
Please check this page for FAQ. 
Note: Please be sure to write your name and address in English on the order form.

Aarke / Soda Maker System
Lottery Product / Arctic Lavvo for Wanderout Edition