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Founded in Kappabashi, Asakusa in 1906, Kamaasa Shoten has been working with chefs and tools for over 100 years. Based on the concept of "Ryori utensils", we have passed down the level of convenient kitchen utensils to the present day as cooking utensils that have been used by professional chefs for many years and are tough and have a reason to make food delicious.

Nambu Tekki is a traditional craft that represents Japan, and is an iron casting that is mainly made in Morioka and Oshu in Iwate Prefecture. Even today, craftsmen pour melted iron into molds, and each piece is handcrafted.

The thick castings, which can withstand the harsh use of professionals, have excellent heat retention and heat retention, so they distribute heat evenly throughout, making your food delicious. In addition, the more you use it, the more the oil becomes familiar with the fine unevenness of the surface called sand grain, preventing it from burning. Since iron is eluted as divalent iron, which is easily absorbed by the body, it is said to be effective in iron supplementation.

Kamaasa Shoten's original round suki pot is characterized by its shallow and flat bottom. Therefore, it can be used for a variety of purposes, from steaks to pancakes. In addition, the shape without a handle unique to professional use is suitable for stacking, and a 20cm round sukiyaki pot fits perfectly inside our favorite 20cm waterless pot, and a 22cm one can be placed on the lid. increase. It is a gem that is perfect for the outdoors, with no elements to break anywhere.

Size: About φ200 x H36mm
Weight: 1.2kg
Material: cast iron
Country of Origin: Japan

- Direct fire / IH use possible
- New ironware has an iron smell and fine stains, and since it does not have a film, it is easy to burn. Be sure to "break in" before use. Please check the attached manual for details.
- There are some individual differences in size because they are handmade. Please note.
- The handle in the image is not included. (KNINDUSTRIE / ABCT UNIVERSAL HANDLE is used with the rubber tip removed.)

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