Alutec / Aluminum Box Classic 48L

Alutec / Aluminum Box Classic 48L

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The standard of the classic series

German Alutec's aluminum box is a trusted brand in the fields of transportation, storage, logistics and leisure.

With a thickness of 0.8mm, the classic series weighs 48L and weighs 3.31kg, which reduces the burden of transportation. In addition, the lid has a rim so that it can be safely stacked when loading. While aluminum containers are being released by various manufacturers, Altech's classic series is a gem that can be recommended as a reliable standard item. The beauty of the classical design, without unnecessary parts or decorations, harmonizes seamlessly with your home. In Japan, it will be a special model only handled by wanderout and Pacific Furniture Service.

wanderout Journal
Container vol.1 / Alutec 48L

wanderout Journal
How to remove / Alutec Aluminum Box

Outer size: W575 x D385 x H270 mm
Inside size: W550 x D350 x H250 (body 240 + lid 10) mm
Weight: 3.31kg
Capacity: 48L
Material: Aluminum
Included: 2 keys (the stand, partition, and plate in the image are not included)

* This product is manufactured in Europe and is not packed as strictly as Japanese general furniture when shipped from the manufacturer, so there may be distortions and scratches when it arrives in Japan. Please note.

* The blue part of the handle is originally attached. We do not accept shipment after removing. Please refer to the journal page for how to remove it.

Product code 02975-23-115

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