Alutec / Partition Set for Classic 48L

Alutec / Partition Set for Classic 48L

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Genuine fit from the manufacturer

German Alutec's aluminum box is a trusted brand in the fields of transportation, storage, logistics and leisure.

It may be said that how to organize the inside of the container comfortably is an eternal theme of the outdoors. It's quite fun to look for a Cinderella fit with various manufacturers' partitions and internal storage, but in fact, there is a genuine partition set that fits perfectly in the German ALUTEC classic container that we recommend.

With this set, it is possible to set 4 partition plates in 9 slits at approximately 5cm intervals in a 48L container. Keep your favorite gear collection neatly organized and safely transported. In Japan, it will be a special model only handled by wanderout and Pacific Furniture Service.

wanderout Journal
Container vol.1 / Alutec 48L

Accessories: 4 partitions / 4 guide rails
Mounting method: Attach guide rails with strong double-sided tape to the upper and lower four corners of the long length. For details, please check the attached manual. (English specification with illustrations)

* This product is produced for commercial purposes such as transportation, storage, logistics, etc., and may contain distortions and scratches. Please note that there is no problem in using it.
* Please note that it cannot be used with the Alutec / Aluminium Box Classic 30L as it is designed exclusively for the Alutec / Aluminium Box Classic 48L.

* The box in the image is not an accessory.

Product code 02975-23-117

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