Kanaami-Tsuji / Hand Woven Coffee Dripper Copper

Kanaami-Tsuji / Hand Woven Coffee Dripper Copper

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Functional beauty of traditional crafts

Kyoto's Kanaami-Tsuji continues to make Kyoto wire mesh, which is said to date back to the Heian period. Pursuing the "dignity of a supporting role" that enhances the life that is the leading role, each item is carefully finished by hand. Its traditional craftsmanship is drawing attention from all over the world.

As an adult's taste, we searched for a particular coffee utensil and arrived at a copper hand-woven coffee dripper. Its beautiful appearance takes five years to develop in order to make delicious coffee, and it is a masterpiece that has been generously injected with the technology of Kyoto wire mesh. I've been using the wire mesh tsuji tofu scoop for over 10 years, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it changes over time (with images) as it turns amber the longer it's used.

The well-calculated functional beauty hides not only the beauty of the weave, but also the secret to making delicious coffee. Although it is a tortoise shell pattern that penetrates slowly , the tip is straightened to accelerate and achieve a very well-balanced penetration speed. The base, which has a high heat retention effect, extracts the original aroma of coffee without missing it . Outdoors, where it is difficult to level the table, the hot water often does not pass through evenly and the concentration is not stable. It is also possible to control the horizontality by setting the dripper directly on the jug. The well-thought-out, simple and beautiful coffee set allows you to enjoy coffee with a stable taste seamlessly inside and outside your home.

Combined with Sibarist, the paper filter provides an unprecedented dripping speed experience. It is about 4 to 5 times faster than usual, and not only does it specialize in the characteristics of light roasts, but dark roasts are also cleaner and have a clearer taste without any harshness. Coffee beans can be ground finer (somewhere between espresso and drip) without clogging, allowing the coffee beans themselves to act as a filter element and allow good penetration. There is no need to steam the beans, just pour 300ml of hot water into 20g of beans and brew coffee in 1 minute 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Since it can be brewed in one throw, there is no need for a drip kettle that is difficult to stack, and bulky luggage can be reduced. The well-thought-out, simple and beautiful coffee set allows you to enjoy coffee with a stable taste seamlessly inside and outside your home. The coffee beans are finer than usual, and the combination with the overwhelming permeation speed leads to the discovery of new flavors. Please try various recipes.

The taste of coffee you drink at camp is exceptional. However, when it comes down to it, the number of gears continues to increase, and the taste depends on taste, so many people may not be able to find a single answer. We select equipment to simply enjoy delicious coffee while maintaining a high extraction level.

- If you continue to use copper products, they will naturally change to a beautiful amber color over time.
- Do not use a metal scrubber or polishing powder as it will scratch the surface.
- After use, drain the water thoroughly and dry before storing
- Please refrain from using the dishwasher or dryer as it may cause damage.
- Fit for Sibalist / Cone fast specialty coffee filter and accelerate penetration speed
- Fits Borosil Vision glass for wanderout / Jug 500ml , Borosil Vision glass for wanderout / Jug 750ml and controls horizontality

Size: H7 x ⌀10.5 cm (for 1-2 people)
Weight: 40g dripper, 130g base
Country of manufacture: Japan

* When setting the dripper directly on the jug, avoid excessive load such as pushing from above, and be careful not to cause distortion.

Product code 26972-33-234

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