Knindustrie / ABCT Low Casserole 24cm

Knindustrie / ABCT Low Casserole 24cm

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KnIndustry is a kitchenware and tableware manufacturer based in Milan, Italy. Established in 2011 as a brand specializing in design and quality. It is handled by many high sensitivity shops around the world, including MOMA STORE in New York.

The ABCT series of casseroles are versatile for cooking, serving and storage, yet they look very beautiful. Outdoor brand pot sets are convenient items, but there are not many that have a clever design that can be used at home without feeling out of place. After searching for a casserole that can be used both in everyday life and outdoors, we have arrived at this gem.

By using the separately sold options ABCT Universal Handle and Mahogany Lid 24cm, it can be used anywhere from the kitchen to the dining room, from inside to outside the house. Made of lightweight aluminum, it has a thin finish that makes it easy to handle as a serving dish, and its white color harmonizes with various scenes and dishes. With a nano-ceramic coating, it's ideal for healthy cooking with less oil and can even be baked in the oven. It is the latest model that supports IH.

The size of Φ240 x H66 mm is perfect for camping with more than 2 people. The size fits perfectly when stored vertically in the Alutec box.

Handling method:
- Heating during cooking may cause burns or discoloration on the bottom etc.
- Be sure to spread oil before using
- Don't let greasy food stick
- Allow the pan to cool before washing
- Do not store acidic foods for a long time
- The ceramic coating on the main unit may be scratched or peeled off due to strong impact or long-term use. To prevent scratches, do not use a metal spatula, but use a wooden spatula or other soft material.
- Clean with a mild detergent, soft sponge and lukewarm water
- Do not use abrasives
- Do not microwave
- Direct fire / IH use possible
- Don't use bonfire cooking as it will stick to the soot
- If the attachment point of the handle is concentrated in one place on the main body, due to the structure, the coating on that part is likely to peel off.

Size: Φ240 x H66 mm
Weight: 600g
Material: Aluminum (nanoceramic coat finish)
Country of Origin: China
Options sold separately: Handle, wooden lid

* The handle/wooden lid in the image is not an accessory.

Product code 11972-23-149

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