Orea / Brewer V3 Basalt Black Small

Orea / Brewer V3 Basalt Black Small

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Modern dripper

Orea, a coffee product manufacturer based in London, England. Originating from the Old Greek, it means "From the Mountains", and in modern Greek it means "beautiful". . I feel a common attitude with wanderout somewhere.

Brewer V3 was developed as a dripper that can extract only the delicious part of specialty coffee. The unique large extraction spout provides a drip experience with unprecedented penetration speed . In addition to specializing the characteristics of light roasting, dark roasting is also cleaner and has a clearer taste without any harshness. Paper filters are further accelerated by combining Sibalist's orea edition. It feels like it's about 4 to 5 times normal.

Coffee beans can be ground finer ( between espresso and drip) without clogging, so the coffee beans themselves can be used as a filter element to ensure good penetration. There is no need to steam the beans, one throw of 150ml of hot water for 10g of beans, two throws of 300ml of hot water for 20g of beans, and you can extract coffee at once in 1 minute 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Please adjust the grind of the beans accordingly. It is recommended to raise the dripper and stir it a little so that it will penetrate evenly. This eliminates the need for drip kettles that are difficult to stack and reduces bulky luggage.

Outdoors, where it is difficult to keep the table horizontal, it is often the case that the concentration is not stable because the light does not transmit evenly. By setting the dripper directly on the jug, it is possible to control the level. The appearance is beautiful because it is integrated with the jug, and the stackability is outstanding when combined with the titanium cup. The well-thought-out simple and beautiful coffee set allows you to enjoy coffee with a stable taste seamlessly inside and outside your home. The coffee beans are finer than usual, and the combination with the overwhelming permeation speed leads to the discovery of new flavors. Please try various recipes.

The taste of coffee you drink at camp is exceptional. However, when it comes down to it, the number of gears continues to increase, and the taste depends on taste, so many people may not be able to find a single answer. We select equipment to simply enjoy delicious coffee while maintaining a high extraction level.

- minimalistic design
- The black color uses a polycarbonate material that is hard to warm and hard to cool.
- The unique extraction spout gives you a drip experience with unprecedented penetration speed.
- Fits Kalita KWF-155 wave filter (use with normal drip method)
- Fits Sibalist / flat fast speciality coffee filter Orea Edition and accelerates permeation speed
- Fits Borosil Vision glass for wanderout / Jug 500ml , Borosil Vision glass for wanderout / Jug 750ml and controls horizontality
- Hand wash with dish soap
- Dishwasher safe
- No microwave
- Used by 2020 UK Brewers Champion Matteo
- 2022 World Brewers Championship World No. 1, used by Mr. Sherry
- Orea domestic regular product

Material: 100% polycarbonate
Size: H5.7 x ⌀8.2 cm
Weight: 45g
Capacity: 155ml (1Cup)
Heat resistance: 100℃
Country of manufacture: China

* There is no plan to sell the base for the separately sold dripper.

wanderout is a Japanese authorized retailer of Orea.

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