STYLE JAPAN / Mosquito Coil Holder “Kayari”

STYLE JAPAN / Mosquito Coil Holder “Kayari”

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Modern mosquito coil holder “Kayari”

I think there are many people who say that the worst thing about summer outdoors is "insects". As a countermeasure, insect repellent spray and insect repellent incense. However, when it comes to incense burning vessels, it is difficult to find simple and beautiful ones that are suitable for outdoor use and do not interfere with the scenery.

Designed by product designer Makoto Koizumi, the Kasari is a modern mosquito coil holder with a simple and clean aluminum body and beautiful geometric hole details. Rattan is wrapped around the handle, creating an excellent contrast between the cool metal texture and natural materials. Each piece is handmade from aluminum molding to rattan winding at a factory in Sumida Ward, Tokyo.

The handle is foldable and thin, and since it is made of aluminum, there is no need to worry about it breaking, and it is light and easy to carry. In addition, because of its simple design that blends naturally with your interior, you can enjoy incense and aromas in your home throughout the year. In 2018, it was selected for the "Matsuya Ginza Design Collection", which can be said to be a hall of fame for Japanese product design, due to its excellent design and functionality.

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Style Japan for wanderout / Mosquito Coil Holder “Kayari”

Usage size: about W134 x D134 x H100 mm (handle length 100 mm)
Storage size: W150 x D153 x H30 mm
Weight: 130g
Material: Body/Lid: Pure aluminum (more than 99% aluminum), Rattan handle: Sega rattan, Noncombustible mat: Glass fiber (glass fiber)
Country of Origin: Japan

* Mosquito coil is not included.

* This product uses rattan, a natural material, and the knots may look like scratches, but please note that this does not affect the use of the product.

Product code 07999-33-157

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