VAPUR for wanderout / 1L ANTI-BOTTLE

VAPUR for wanderout / 1L ANTI-BOTTLE

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minimalist jug

We commissioned Vapor in California to create a white-out bottle with a mark. The colorless and sophisticated appearance harmonizes with the landscape, making it ideal for outdoor use as well as everyday use. It will be a special model only handled by wanderout.

Vapor is an anti-bottle brand launched in 2009 by three outdoor enthusiasts to tackle the environmental problem of plastic. Anti-Bottle differentiates itself from traditional PET bottles by streamlining sustainable conveniences such as reusable, collapsible, attachable and refrigerated into one for active lifestyles.

I use a water jug ​​at camp, but it's hard to carry a lot of big things, and it's not easy to handle. By dividing it into 1L portions, it can be easily handled with one hand, making it ideal for cooking. The anti-bottle stands on its own, so it can be placed on a table or hung with a carabiner. When empty, it can be flattened and stored in the gap, so it does not take up much space. It is more efficient to freeze it in the summer and carry it in a cooler box as a supplement to the ice pack. The inside is made of FDA (Food and Drug Administration)-approved polyethylene with a three-layer construction that prevents stains, odors, and tastes from adhering. The exterior is covered with two layers of nylon for extra strength and durability. We are continuing our efforts to protect and restore the natural environment, such as BPA-free products and the reduction of energy required for transportation.

- Highly durable reusable
- Flexible and foldable
- with carabiner
- BPA free
- Dishwasher Safe (Remove the cap and carabiner, inflate it a bit and hang it on the dishwasher rack to clean. If not water, clean with detergent and a brush.)
- Freezable (freeze overnight at half level and fill with half the next morning, drink cold for hours)
- Donate 1% of sales to water environment improvement activities * 1% For The Planet program

Size: 1L / about W150 x D25 x H330 mm
Weight: 43g
Material: Body: Polyethylene, Nylon / Lid: Polypropylene Cold and Heat Resistant Temperature: -100°C (-15°F)
Country of Origin: China

Product code 14972-23-113

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