Wanderout / Universal Stand

Wanderout / Universal Stand

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Minimalist structure

It can be folded into a very small size, and by freely adjusting the angles of the four legs, it is a general-purpose stand that can be used for various items such as containers, Wnaderout / Universal Wood Plate Medium and Wanderout Universal Plate 30 , side tables, etc. from 320mm square. . It is a beautiful design with no waste, where the structure itself is a design. In the load-bearing test, it can withstand up to 800 kg on flat ground, and it also has sufficient strength.

wanderout journal
Maintenance / Universal Stand

Use size: about W320 x D320 x H210 mm
Storage size: about W260 x D210 x H30 mm
Weight: 0.85kg
Load capacity: 100kg (Please use it so that the load is evenly applied to 4 points on flat ground)
Material: Steel (Chrome plating)
Remarks: 1 piece (the box in the image is not included)

* It will be stable if you put a certain number of firewood on it.
*The screws on the plates that hold the four legs cannot be removed. Please check the journal during maintenance.

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