Wanderout / Universal Wood Tray Small

Wanderout / Universal Wood Tray Small

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Minimalist table

Enjoy the scenery during the day, enclose the bonfire at dusk, and enjoy a leisurely meal in the tent at night. In auto camping, you may want to move the table in various scenes. Minimal with one table per person, solo camping, of course, but with a large number of people there is a personal table and it is strangely calming. It is also ideal for a chef to serve food at one table per person , with 2 to 3 sets to build a particular layout .

A simple wooden tray that has been updated specifically for the Universal Stool . The beautiful structure has a sophisticated appearance that harmonizes with nature. The table top is reversible in oak and gray, so you can use it with your favorite gear. By setting the Universal Plate 48 , the effects of bonfire sparks and radiant heat from a single burner are reduced. The surface of the top plate is floated so that heat does not accumulate, and a 5 mm gap is provided on both sides for circulation.

The carefully finished texture by Japanese craftsmen is a very beautiful tray that can be used not only outdoors, but also around the kitchen table at home, or as an organizer around the desk.

Size: About W358 x D225 x H22mm
Weight: about 498g
Material: Side A/oak, Side B/melamine veneer Country of origin: Japan

* Due to the use of natural wood, the wood grain differs for each product. Also, please note that there may be knots or scratches on the wood, but this is not a defect.
*Since the wooden part is a non-glossy urethane coating, it repels moisture, but if it gets wet, please wipe it off as soon as possible.
* The Universal Stool in the image and the Universal Plate 48 are not accessories.
*Since the Universal Plate 48 uses a thin 8mm stainless steel plate, please be careful not to put excessively heavy gears on it and cause distortion.

Product code 02967-33-220

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