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In search of Arctic style

A winter camp where you want to quietly look at the wood stove and spend an authentic time. After searching for new styles from all over the world, we asked Arctic Lavo in Norway to produce a wanderout limited specification TC tent.

Arctic Lavo in Kautokeino, northern Lapland. The culture, values ​​and craftsmanship of the indigenous Sami people of the Arctic, who lived in tents (Lavvo) as nomads, have been inherited. The factory, which has a history of over 30 years, is known for its reliable quality all over the world, mainly in Northern Europe, and started its activities as a brand in 2016. The style that fuses classic and modern is the one and only existence.

After a year of testing, a model that matches the four seasons of Japan has been completed. The quiet sand color is a timeless appearance that harmonizes with the landscape of Japan. The TC material eliminates brushing and is suitable for all four seasons, giving it a crisp and high-quality tension, and increasing its strength with a beautiful appearance. The aluminum center pole is also thicker, and has been updated to the highest level of durability so that it can be passed down for generations like the Sami people. The biggest disadvantage of the one-pole tent is the narrowness of the space. The 8-10 size has a height of 306 cm, a diameter of 490 cm, and a weight of 21 kg, so it is spacious and easy to handle. There are two entrances with mosquito nets, making it suitable for hot and humid summers. Of course, in the winter, there is a wood-burning stove.

Since it is necessary to use firearms in the tent under self-responsibility, it is desirable to select a manufacturer with reliable durability and a proven track record. We ended up in Arctic Lavo, Norway. The culture, values, and craftsmanship of the indigenous Sami people of the Arctic Circle are inherited, and as an authentic style, it has an outstanding atmosphere.

How to pick a venor enstangslavvo

*Since the text is in English, please check the video on the link below for information on setting up and dismantling.

wanderout Journal Arctic Lavvo for wanderout Edition

* Please take a look at the production secret story until the birth

- 4 seasons - for 8-10 people (4 people when using cot)
- TC material (50% cotton, 50% polyester) without brushing
- Embroidered logo on 2 entrances and top hat
- 2 entrances with mosquito nets
- Mosquito net top hat (summer accessory)
- Double layered skirt (cordura nylon, inner and outer)
- Metal chimney port (with cover)
- Durable, fire-resistant aluminum pole (base material)
- High visibility green guy lines
- 1 Radius Cord (Indicates the peg down position when setting up the tent)
- sand color

Unfolded size: see image Storage size: 50 x 75 x 20 cm
Weight : 21kg
Material: Flysheet canvas (50% cotton, 50% polyester) Skirt Cordura nylon (Cordura Rivertex 601 dtex, PU coating)
Accessories: storage bag, fly sheet, pole, top hat, mesh top hat, 12 guy lines, 1 radius cord

* Pegs are not included. Please use pegs around 20 cm for large tents. You can set up with a minimum of 12 lines, but you need 24 lines including one for guy lines. Manufacturing costs continue to soar due to soaring prices of main raw materials and exchange rate fluctuations. Please note that this is a measure to prevent the sales price from rising.

* The finish of the aluminum pole is a classic style material, so there are scratches, dirt, small dents, etc. as shown in the image. Also, please note that the entire pole will bend slightly due to the difference in ground level during installation, but the load will be distributed to the peg-down points and there will be no problem with durability during use.

*Please note that the use of firearms inside the tent is at your own risk. Accidents of carbon monoxide poisoning and ignition of tents and sleeping bags are increasing. Even if you are accustomed to using it, please pay close attention again, check for sufficient ventilation, regularly check the peg-down points, and check digestion at bedtime.

* Currently, there is no manufacturer's warranty because there is no Japanese authorized distributor, but please rest assured that we will deal with it as usual. For initial defects, we will support parts exchange etc. In addition, regarding damage during use, we will order it from your home country or introduce a repair shop for a fee.

* Please note that we cannot accept any cancellations after winning because it is a lottery sale.

* Products are scheduled to be shipped sequentially from 3/10 (Friday).