Wanderout / Universal Plate 30

Wanderout / Universal Plate 30

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Minimalist plate

A plate refined to the limit. Inside and outside the house, the quiet appearance erases existence and harmonizes with any environment. When camping, you spend your time on a small table, so the tabletop tends to get messy. If I had a little more work space, I could spend comfortably, but I don't want to add any more luggage. A plate with a beautiful appearance solves everything, as well as storage and expandability.

The stainless steel plate designed exclusively for Wanderout / Universal StandWanderout / Universal Wood Tray MediumAlutec / Aluminium Box Classic 30L can be stored in a 30L box. It is also possible to stack one Wanderout / Universal Plate 48, which is slightly smaller. As a work space for the box, you can take it out and set it on a stand or stool to use it as a side table, so you don't have to take out a spare table to accommodate various scenes.

As with Alutec, 0.8mm thick stainless steel is selected to emphasize lightness. The height is kept to the limit of 6mm, so that it does not affect the loading at the bottom. Of course there is no problem even if you have a partition. The size expansion corresponding to two kinds of boxes of 48L / 30L builds a minimal system, and it is possible to spend more comfortably from solo camping to family camping. The neutral design fits into daily life and enhances the existence of the things placed.

Size: about W412 x D250 x H6 mm
Weight: 850g
Material: Stainless steel hairline processing
Country of Origin: Japan

* Can be used as a side table in combination with Wanderout / Universal Stand and Wanderout / Universal Wood Tray Medium.
* When using it as a box work space, the lid may fall down in strong winds. Please be sure to use it in a tent that is windless or not affected by wind.

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