Robert Herder / K2 Ice Beach Wood

Robert Herder / K2 Ice Beach Wood

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Fine sharpness and beauty

Robert Herder was founded in 1872 in Solingen, Germany, which is famous for making cutlery. It is the only knife maker in this city that maintains the traditional handmade manufacturing method.

A rare cutting technique called "Solinger Dünschliff" is used to make the cross-section of the blade infinitely thin and sharp. , produces high-quality sharpness and beauty.

Cooking is one of the pleasures of auto camping. At wanderout, we recommend the versatile PERCEVAL / PARING KNIFE, but depending on the menu, you'll want to use different knives and be more particular.

The K series "K2" is a smaller cooking knife (santoku knife) than usual. The well-thought-out shape of the grip has a very beautiful balance, and has won numerous design awards in Europe. Using elegant ice birch (strongly white), it is characterized by high durability and water resistance. A knife that is easy to use and easy to grip is useful not only for everyday use but also for camping. Combining it with the CLASSIC PEELING KNIFE for compact storage makes it the perfect set for camping. In Japan, this model uses a special ice birch that is only available at wanderout.

- The K series is the most functional knife that incorporates ergonomics
- Cold-pressed macadamia oil is used to finish and polish the grip
- Since natural wood is used, the wood grain is different one by one
- Natural wood is an eco-friendly material that uses old trees from orchards
- Do not soak the wooden grip in water. After use, wash only the blade and wipe it with a cloth. At any time, soak a cloth in oil and wipe it off. (The oil used is macadamia oil, walnut oil, perilla oil, linseed oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, olive oil, and camellia oil. Sunflower oil and safflower oil are easy to obtain and easy to handle. Flaxseed oil turns slightly yellow with age. (Olive oil does not dry easily and leaves an oily residue at first, so it is best to apply it thinly. Salad oil is not recommended.)

Size: About W225 x D34 x H15mm (blade length 105mm)
Material: Stainless ice birch
Weight: about 48g
Hardness: 60HRC
Country of Origin: Germany
*Because natural wood is used, the wood grain differs for each product. Please note.

Product code 17973-23-118

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