Varia / VS3 Grinder 2nd Generation

Varia / VS3 Grinder 2nd Generation

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Modern grinder

Varia is a coffee product maker based in Hong Kong and launched in 2020. Mr. Ramsey, the founder from New Zealand, has a thorough knowledge of traditional coffee making at Toby's Estate Coffee Roasters, an Australian cafe where coffee culture is fostered. We continue to explore contemporary arrangements. The Varia Multibrewer announced so far has been selected as the 2021 Best New Product Award by the World Specialty Coffee Association. Varia is now attracting attention all over the world.

We use a hand grinder to make the inside and outside of the house seamless, but in our daily life, there is surprisingly little time for coffee time after breakfast, so we want to enjoy it more casually. After searching for an electric grinder like the Comandante with the same level of accuracy as a hand grinder, I finally found the VS3 Grinder. The modern design with a contemporary arrangement that symbolizes the concept is perfect for those who prefer a minimalist outdoor life, as the white harmonizes with the walls of the room and the black harmonizes with various kitchen tools.

It is designed so that the ground beans fall almost directly into the cup, so it is possible to minimize the amount of beans left in the machine. Even if you grind 10g of coffee beans, less than 0.1g remains in the machine. By setting the bellows, the accuracy becomes more stable. In addition, after weighing the coffee beans, wipe the water with the attached spray and coat the beans to suppress static electricity and heat generation during grinding, so the powder will not scatter. Powerful yet compact, it is very slim at 31cm high and only 9cm wide. It is also very quiet, and it takes about 15 seconds to grind 15g of coffee beans for paper drip, so it is comfortable to make coffee early in the morning. A high-precision grinder grinds the beans to a more uniform size and suppresses fine powder, bringing out the original characteristics of the beans and a clean, clear taste without any unpleasant taste. It is not an exaggeration to say that this process determines the quality of the product, so the grinder is a point that I particularly want to focus on.

The taste of coffee you drink at camp is exceptional. However, when it comes down to it, the number of gears continues to increase, and the taste depends on taste, so many people may not be able to find a single answer. We select equipment to simply enjoy delicious coffee while maintaining a high extraction level.

Body material: ADC12 die-cast aluminum machined bellows Finger guard material: Silicone
RDT Spray Material: Glass/Plastic
Blade material: High Nitrogen 420 Stainless Steel
Blade hardness: HRC58
Size: W9 x H31 x D14.7cm
Hopper capacity: 30g
about 3.5kg
Power cord: 120cm from the main unit to the adapter / 100cm from the adapter to the outlet
Power supply/power consumption: DC adapter input 100-240V~, 2.0A, 50/60Hz / output 24V, 4.0A, 96W
Accessories: Main unit (with stainless steel blade), instruction manual , parts sheet , DC adapter (with AC cord), dosing cup with magnet, silicone bellows, finger guard, 5ml RDT spray bottle, cleaning brush, spare set (4 springs) 2 large and small screws, 4 silicone bases, flat washers, magnet for dosing cup, magnet for lid), 1 large hexagon wrench Country of origin: China

* Care instructions: Dishwasher impossibility
Unplug the power cord and carefully remove any dirt with a dry cloth or brush.

* Notes
・This product is for home use and is not suitable for commercial use.
・Do not use or store within the reach of children.
・Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose (to grind coffee beans).
・Please read the attached instruction manual carefully and use it correctly.
・After grinding the coffee beans, please use the bellows and brushes that come with the grinder to prevent the ground beans from getting clogged in the chute or under the blade.
・ The VS3 is designed to handle both espresso and filter grinds, but with very lightly roasted coffee beans, the blades may get caught in very fine grinds such as espresso. (depending on degree of roasting and type of beans). Be very careful when grinding very lightly roasted coffee beans and add the beans slowly or adjust to a coarser grind.

* guarantee
1 year product warranty after purchase. However, the warranty does not cover damage caused by tipping, misuse, acts of God, improper electrical environment, unauthorized repair, blade damage, or other failure to follow instructions. yeah. Please note that this product is for home use only and will not be covered by the warranty if used for business purposes.

Product code 22972-23-230

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