Wanderout / Cartridge Jacket 00 - Black

Wanderout / Cartridge Jacket 00 - Black

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Fusion of classic and modern

Cartridge jacket refined to the limit. It is a limited edition black color that has been realized due to many requests. We will update the classic OD cans that have remained unchanged for a long time with an elegant appearance that is typical of wanderout. Redefining the balance between function and design. Radiant heat from the burner is reduced, and OD cans can be stacked and stored as a stacking plate. Compatible with OD cans of each size (120, 250, 500). A special black color development method that makes use of the metallic feel of an ultra-thin film is used to create a matte texture that has undergone a fine sandblasting process, diffusing a softer flame light. The black that is integrated with the metal has excellent durability without peeling off. The lines finished with a spatula and the edges that do not have folds create a balance with a slight organic radius that harmonizes with nature. A simple and beautiful cartridge jacket that fuses classic and modern styles that you will love for a long time.

Size: About W145 x D145 x 25mm
Weight: 53g
Material: SUS304 Stainless Country of Origin: Japan Color: Black

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