Wanderout / Insulation Sheet 00

Wanderout / Insulation Sheet 00

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Cosmic insulation

Blankets are very convenient items, such as putting them on on chilly days, putting them on your lap, putting them on your chair, or putting them on your inner tent or cot when you go to bed. However, natural materials are small and cannot be packed, so it may be difficult to put them in the car.

Insulation Sheet 00 weighs 250g and is lightweight and easy to pack. It can be stored vertically in the ALUTEC aluminum box, so you can keep it in your car or store it at home. The "3D AERO LAYER" developed by NASA is used inside, demonstrating heat insulation that cannot be imagined from its thinness. Airgel, which was once used as a spacesuit insulation material, is a thermal insulation material fixed to fibers by a 3D printer. Airgel has the lightest weight and lowest thermal conductivity on the planet, and since more than 90% of the constituent material is air, it is extremely lightweight and achieves high and low temperature insulation. The outer material is made of high-strength, lightweight 20D nylon that emphasizes weight reduction and packability, and is very soft and delicate to the touch.

The charcoal gray color, which is in harmony with nature, has a white line print to enhance visibility at night. Its appearance is a design that makes the layout more sophisticated. It has pockets on all four corners and can be attached to our favorite Helinox tactical cot. The cot is comfortable even without a mat, so in spring and autumn it is very comfortable with just the Insulation Sheet 00. When using the inner tent, place it under the mat to reduce geothermal heat. Even if you set it together in the sleeping bag, it will have a heat insulating effect. A highly versatile insulation sheet that can be used as a blanket, as a seat, or as an emergency in all seasons.

Size: about 190 x 68cm
Pack size: Approx. 11 x 11 x 25cm
Weight: 250g (including storage bag)
Material: 20 Denier Nylon
Insulation: 3D AERO LAYER
Attachment: Storage bag
Country of Origin: China

*When setting on the Helinox tactical cot, please cover the 2 short pockets firmly and carefully cover the remaining 2 pockets while pulling a little to make it just the right size. Other cots cannot be fixed at the four corners, but you can use it by laying it like a regular blanket.

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