wanderout / OIL & SEASONING BOTTLE 60ml

wanderout / OIL & SEASONING BOTTLE 60ml

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A light-shielding glass bottle that drains well and is easy to pour. I've used a variety of seasoning containers so far, but the most worrying thing about camping was dripping during cooking. The unique funnel-like spout not only drains well, but also has a streamlined shape that makes it easy to refill. The thick brown glass prevents quality deterioration of the contents even in an outdoor environment with direct sunlight. In addition, powders such as salt and pepper can be used without problems, so all bottle designs are arranged with a sense of unity and the tabletop is kept clean and beautiful.

We easily label them with DYMO embossed tape to identify the contents, and enjoy the atmosphere of the lab. We recommend using the 25ml for salt and pepper, and the 60ml for oil or sauce.

Size: About φ41 x H105 mm
Capacity: 60ml
Material: Main body soda glass, cap UF, packing PE, plastic plug PE

*Please note that the price is for one bottle.
*The small 25ml bottle in the image is not an accessory.
* The label sticker in the image is not an accessory.

Product code 01972-23-135

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