Wanderout / Universal Cup Titanium Set of 2

Wanderout / Universal Cup Titanium Set of 2

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Vessel that arrived

A double structure titanium cup with excellent cold insulation and heat retention. Stainless steel cups oxidize coffee and wine, and many people are concerned about the change in taste. Titanium prevents oxidation and is very light and durable, as well as being particular about taste. The 175ml capacity is close to the size of a soba choko cup, which has been treasured for a long time, and a glass of bottled beer. Although it has a very simple design, it has a beautiful balance of sharp side lines, tapered mouth, and hairline processing, and has a delicate atmosphere that you wouldn't expect from titanium.

Originally, the handle of the mug cup was added so that it can be held even when the body is hot, and the stem of the wine glass has the role of keeping the temperature of the wine from changing. With a double structure, neither is necessary, and stacking is also possible, keeping drinks at the desired temperature, which is very rational. The small cups are comfortable to hold, and can be used for hot coffee, tea, beer, wine, desserts as small bowls, and more. You will feel the benefits of φ70mm because you will spend time on a small table at camp.

Polishing titanium is a very difficult technique. This time, we arrived at a certain factory in Tsubamesanjo, a world-famous metal processing town. This beautiful appearance does not need a logo or a symbol mark. Be sure to check out the journal for production secrets.

wanderout journal

Size: About φ70 x H70mm (175ml)
Weight: 50g
Material: Titanium
Country of Origin: Japan

*Please note that this is a set of 2 pieces.
* You may feel a slight metallic smell. After opening, be sure to wash before use.
* Can be stacked with the old stainless steel model. Please note that the overall line is about 2mm compact and the shape is not exactly the same.

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