Wanderout / Universal Stool Black

Wanderout / Universal Stool Black

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Anonymous masterpiece

This universal and versatile stool was ordered from a factory that continues to make classic stools with unchanged designs. The gray color of waxed canvas has a tasteful look, goes well with a variety of materials, and can be enjoyed as it changes over time. It repels water and is resistant to sparks, making it ideal as a stool for surrounding a bonfire. The beautiful appearance with a height of 390 mm helps maintain correct posture and reduces fatigue. It can be used in a variety of situations, including as a low chair ottoman, Universal Wood Tray Small and Universal Plate Small as a side table. As you use it for a long time, the paint will peel off, the texture will increase, and you can enjoy the black paint model as it ages.

Usage size: Approximately W290 x D210 x H390 mm
Storage size: Approximately W270 x D210 x H50 mm
Weight: 1.0 kg
Load capacity: 100 kg
Material: Material: Steel ( electrodeposition coating, liquid coating) waxed canvas (neutral gray)

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