Lottery Product / Hxo Design for Wanderout

5/12 Notice of lottery sales

Taiwan's hxo design features a sleek modern design and highly expandable modular system. After long-term testing, we commissioned a minimalist modular table set for wanderout.

This time, we will hold a lottery sale for replacement stock. Although it will be a small amount, there will be no next arrival, so please consider this opportunity. For lottery sales, please see the special page Lottery Product for details.

hxo design for wanderout / ALUMINUM EDITION FULL SET

- Application period: 5/12 (Fri) 20:00
- 5/14 (Sun) 23:00

- Date and time of winning announcement: 5/15 (Mon) 19:00

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Lottery Product / Wnaderout Universal Stool Nume