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In search of Arctic style

A winter camp where you want to quietly look at the wood stove and spend an authentic time. After searching for new styles all over the world, we asked Arctic Lavvo in Norway to produce a wanderout limited specification TC tent. It will be released soon, so this time I would like to introduce the brand and write a review that I have been testing since last year.

Arctic Lavvo's masterpiece, the Aurora Sled, is a snowmobile towed, modern style journey to the Arctic Circle. I don't think anyone would be offended by this. Working in Kautokeino, northern Lapland, they have inherited the culture, values, and craftsmanship of the indigenous Sami people of the Arctic, who lived in tents (Lavvo) as nomads. The factory, which has a history of over 30 years, is known for its reliable quality all over the world, mainly in Northern Europe, and started its activities as a brand in 2016. The style that fuses classic and modern is the one and only existence. Please take a look at each video.

Arctic Lavvo for wanderout Edition 2

One of the founding members was actually born and raised in a traditional Sami tent, and his solid experience and knowledge has had a great impact on development. It is wonderful that there are still several Sami people in the factory today and that the tradition is being passed on. "We should only harvest what we need without burdening nature unnecessarily", Arctic Lavvo's products reflect the values ​​and attitude of the Sami people.

Believing that products must be produced ethically and in a sound manner, having a factory in Kautokeino will create jobs in the town and allow them to ensure control over the production process and working conditions. I'm here. Of course, the power for the factory is only eco-friendly Norwegian hydroelectric power generation. We look for partners with the same values ​​and attitudes, all the way to our raw material suppliers, and select ethically superior, high-quality raw materials.

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Inheriting a traditional Sami tent

The main Arctic Lavvo is a tent that is intended for permanent installation, but there is the only lightweight and easy-to-carry model Venor Enstangslavvo. It is a simple structure that has evolved from the most traditional Sami tent and replaced many frameworks with a single pole. Similar to Native American teepees, Sami tents are characterized by their low height and easy maneuverability, and their appearance is universal and very beautiful.

Arctic Lavvo for wanderout Edition 4
Arctic Lavvo / Venor Enstangslavvo 12-14
Arctic Lavvo for wanderout Edition 5
Repeated tests under the harsh conditions of the Arctic Circle

Specs that enable permanent installation

The Venor Enstangslavvo 12-14, which has been used for several years in the harsh environment of the Arctic Circle, was brought to Japan and checked for durability. The specs that enable permanent installation are designed to last for decades with proper use and maintenance, so only slight dirt and aging can be seen. There were no problems with rubbing, frayed stitching, pain around the chimney port, etc. You can tell that high-quality raw materials are selected and carefully sewn one by one without using cheap raw materials that are mass-produced.

Arctic Lavvo for wanderout Edition 6
Arctic Lavvo / Venor Enstangslavvo 12-14

Arctic Lavvo for wanderout Edition 7
Since last year, it has been tested in various environments in Japan.

Large dodecagonal living space

The biggest disadvantage of the one-pole tent is the narrowness of the space. Gear with a certain height, such as a cot or chair, can also be set on the side. It feels like you are in a villa rather than a tent because it uses TC, which has a very atmosphere, like high-quality imported materials from Europe. The view of the wood stove will make you want to stay inside all the time. Of course, it doesn't condense, and once you've experienced this, it's hard to go back to another tent. It inherits the comforting balance that the Sami people have spent their entire lives in their families.

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Easy to handle size

The largest size 12-14 is 356cm high and 530cm in diameter, but weighs 18.9kg, which is light for a large TC tent. The storage size is 45cm x 75cm x 25cm, making it easy to handle. I'm on a Tesla Model 3, but it fits in the flank (front luggage compartment) with just the right size and is carried efficiently.

Two or more people are best for set-up and take-down, but since it's a one-pole type, it's easy enough to be handled by one person once you get used to it. It is very difficult to put a large tent in the storage bag, but it is very easy to put in and take out because the bag expands to about twice its size.

Solid durability

The most difficult part of installing a wood stove is the insulation of the chimney. A metal chimney port eliminates the need for a chimney cover. The skirt is double-layered on the outside and inside to keep out the wind and efficiently heat the inside of the tent. The center pole is a simple and sturdy aluminum pole, suitable for advanced users, but it can also be used for bonfires in the tent.

Since it is necessary to use firearms in the tent under self-responsibility, it is desirable to select a manufacturer with reliable durability and a proven track record. We arrived at Arctic Lavvo in Norway, and after testing in Japan, asked them to make a TC tent. The culture, values, and craftsmanship of the indigenous Sami people of the Arctic Circle are inherited, and as an authentic style, it has an outstanding atmosphere.

Arctic Lavvo for wanderout Edition 11

a timeless existence

After a year of testing, a model that matches the four seasons of Japan has been completed. The quiet sand color is a timeless appearance that harmonizes with the landscape of Japan. The TC material eliminates brushing and is suitable for all four seasons, giving it a crisp and high-quality tension, and increasing its strength with a beautiful appearance. The aluminum center pole is also thicker, and has been updated to the highest level of durability so that it can be passed down for generations like the Sami people. The size is 8-10, which is one size smaller than the 12-14 size we were testing, and has both ample space and ease of handling. There are two entrances with mosquito nets, making it suitable for hot and humid summers. Of course, in the winter, there is a wood-burning stove.

We debated until the end whether two entrances were really necessary, but it was a good opportunity for people to understand Japan. This is the first attempt for Arctic Lavvo. It is not just an effort to change the color, but a product that reflects the experience of both parties. Next time, let's travel together in Japan or the Arctic Circle and start a new initiative.

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Size 306cm high, 490cm diameter Suitable for 8-10 people (up to 4 people when using a cot)

Storage size 50cm x 75cm x 20cm

Weight 21kg

Material TC (50% cotton, 50% polyester)

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