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The ultimate soda machine in pursuit of simplicity

aarke was founded in Sweden in 2016 to restore the beauty of high-end products that had been forgotten by streamlining mass production. Beginning with the soda machine, the beauty that pursues "simplicity" in all aspects of its form, design, and usage is currently being deployed in more than 30 countries around the world. Aalke means "today" in the Sami language. Speaking of Sami, it is Arctic Lavvo from Norway, but I feel that there are some common values and attitudes.

With the release of Purifier , a water purifier that uses glass and stainless steel , it has become possible to combine it with the soda machine Carbonator Pro to create a one-stop experience that does not require a plastic bottle . No more empty plastic bottles piled up in your kitchen.

Carbonator Pro, a soda machine that pursues simplicity in everything as well as consideration for the environment, is a special model manufactured with the highest quality materials and technology. Simply set a glass bottle filled with water, push down the front cover, and press the button on the top to easily make carbonated water. Since it does not require a power supply, the mirror-finished stainless steel mirrors the landscape and harmonizes with it regardless of the scene, such as the kitchen, living room, or terrace.

The exclusive glass bottle is recommended for daily use and auto camping. The thick glass and stainless steel cap ensure excellent durability. It is highly confidential, and even carbonated water that has passed for a day feels enough carbonation. You can carry not only carbonated water, but also your favorite drink or alcohol. It's a sophisticated design that makes you want to put it on the table top naturally.

These days, I'm regaining my peaceful daily life. Learn from nature, and it's about time to review city life. From now on, I would like to introduce the products in the house little by little.

wanderout Journal
Aarke / Soda Maker System

Size: 51x17x29cm
Weight: 3655g
Material: Polished stainless steel.
Color: Steel
Bottle capacity: 800 ml (700 ml up to marked filling line )
Specifications: Cordless without power supply Accessories: 1 Glass Bottle for Carbonator Pro , cleaning cloth
Country of manufacture: China

* Note: The gas cylinder is not included and must be purchased separately. Compatible with Sodastream CO2 cylinders ( excluding Sodastream Quick Connect ), AGA , Linde , and other standard gas cylinders approved for use by many sparkling water makers (CO2 gas cylinders: 60L , 60mm , 425g).

Product code 25972-23-224

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