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A more hygienic water purification system

aarke was founded in Sweden in 2016 to restore the beauty of high-end products that had been forgotten by streamlining mass production. Beginning with the soda machine,
the beauty that pursues "simplicity" in all aspects of its form, design, and usage is currently being deployed in more than 30 countries around the world. Aalke means "today" in the Sami language. When you think of Sami, you think of Norwegian Arctic Lavvo .

With the release of Purifier, a water purifier that uses glass and stainless steel , it has become possible to combine it with the soda machine Carbonator Pro to create a one-stop experience that does not require PET bottles . No more empty plastic bottles piled up in your kitchen.

Purifier arrived after seeking a water purifier that does not use plastic. In partnership with Austrian company BWT, we have developed the "ReFilter System™" that does not use plastic. Its filters meet international standards and comply with the Food Sanitation Act of Japan. Chlorine, heavy metals and limestone are reduced for cleaner and more comfortable tap water.

It is more durable than general plastic water purifiers, and it is very hygienic by adopting stainless steel for the cartridge. It can be washed not only in the dishwasher, but also by boiling sterilization, and can be washed without damaging the main body, preventing the growth of microorganisms. The strength of the bottom of the glass, which is a concern, comes with a removable silicone cover, so you can use it for a long time.
With a large capacity of 1.18L and a filtration time of about 3 to 5 minutes, it is extremely easy to use.

These days, I'm regaining my peaceful daily life. Learn from nature, and it's about time to review city life. This year, I would like to introduce products in the house little by little.

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Aarke / Soda Maker System

Size: H27.5 x B17.1 x ⌀12 cm
Weight: 1100g
Total volume (carafe): 2.36L
Capacity of filtered water: 1.18L
Filter Performance: Up to 120L or 4 weeks Filtration Time: 3-5 minutes per liter Filter Change Interval (per bag): 4 weeks Filter Change Indicator: Manual. Please use Pure Filter Granules for filters.
Accessories: 1 Pure filter refill bag, cleaning cloth
Material: Body Glass / Filter Cartridge Stainless Steel / Lid Stainless Steel, BPA-free Plastic / Detachable Bumper Food Grade Silicone
Country of manufacture: China

* Dishwasher safe

Product code 25972-23-226

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