Orea / Brewer V3 Frost Small

Orea / Brewer V3 Frost Small

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Modern dripper

Orea, a coffee product manufacturer based in London, England. Originating from the Old Greek, it means "From the Mountains", and in modern Greek it means "beautiful". . I feel a common attitude with wanderout somewhere.

Brewer V3 was developed as a dripper that can extract only the delicious parts of specialty coffee. The beautiful upcycled translucent finish makes this a special model available only at Wanderout. As this is an upcycled product, this is the last time it will be in stock.

The unique large extraction port provides a drip experience with unprecedented penetration speed. It has a cleaner, clearer taste without any unpleasant tastes. Paper filters can be further accelerated by combining Sibalist Orea Edition. It feels like it's about 4 to 5 times the normal level.

Many people find it difficult to store drip kettles because they are bulky. In addition to the regular drip method, the combination of Sibalist Orea Edition with the fastest permeation speed allows you to brew coffee with just one drop of hot water, so a regular kettle is sufficient. Taking advantage of the ability to drain hot water, it is possible to grind coffee beans finer than usual (about between espresso and drip coffee) and extract thoroughly with just one pour.

We pour 300ml of hot water on up to 20g of beans, lift the dripper and stir it to evenly permeate the beans, and brew coffee in 1 minute and 30 seconds to 2 minutes. There is no need for drip kettles that are difficult to stack, and bulky luggage can be reduced.

It looks beautiful when integrated with the jug, and has excellent stacking properties when combined with the titanium cup. In outdoor environments where the level is unstable, it is also possible to set the dripper diagonally. This well-thought-out, simple and beautiful coffee set allows you to enjoy consistent, delicious coffee seamlessly both inside and outside your home. The coffee beans are finer than usual, and this combination with overwhelming permeation speed leads to the discovery of new flavors. Please feel free to try different recipes.

- minimalistic design
- Semi-transparent blasting in harmony with nature
- The unique extraction spout gives you a drip experience with unprecedented penetration speed.
- Fits Kalita KWF-155 wave filter (Used in the normal drip method with 10-15g of beans)
- Fits Sibalist / flat fast speciality coffee filter Orea Edition and accelerates permeation speed
- Fits Borosil Vision glass for wanderout / Jug 500ml , Borosil Vision glass for wanderout / Jug 750ml and controls horizontality
- Hand wash with dish soap
- Dishwasher safe
- No microwave
- Used by 2020 UK Brewers Champion Matteo
- 2022 World Brewers Championship World No. 1, used by Mr. Sherry

Material: 100% Trogamid Nylon
Size: H5.7 x ⌀8.2 cm
Weight: 39g
Capacity: 155ml (1Cup)
Heat resistance: 100℃
Country of manufacture: China

* Please note that there may be slight variations in each product because the surface is finished by hand.
* There are no plans to sell the base for the dripper (sold separately).

Product code 21972-33-281

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