Sibarist / Flat Fast Specialty Coffee Filter Orea edition Set of 50

Sibarist / Flat Fast Specialty Coffee Filter Orea edition Set of 50

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Modern paper filter

Sibarist is a coffee product maker based in Barcelona, ​​Spain
. The "Fast specialty coffee filter", which went on sale in 2020, surprised the industry as a filter with overwhelming transmission speed and made the Sibarist name famous. Their inspiration is that the product and all the elements involved in its development are regarded as specialty coffee itself, and the origin, the way the raw materials are handled, the special quality, and the people involved in the process, everything is finally harmonized and the best. We believe in creating experiences.

A specially designed paper filter redesigned for the Orea brewer V3, which was developed as a dripper that can extract only the delicious part of specialty coffee. It is now possible to bring out the specifications of the dripper more.

The Orea Brewer V3 and Sibarist set offers an unprecedented penetrating speed drip experience.
It is about 4 to 5 times faster than usual, and not only does it specialize in the characteristics of light roasts, but dark roasts are also cleaner and have a clearer taste without any harshness. Coffee beans can be ground finer (between espresso and drip) without clogging, so the coffee beans themselves can be used as a filter element to ensure good penetration. There is no need to steam the beans, just pour 300ml of hot water into 20g of beans and brew coffee in 1 minute 30 seconds to 2 minutes. This eliminates the need for drip kettles that are difficult to stack and reduces bulky luggage.

At first glance, it seems difficult to create a filter that fits the dripper like origami, but once you get used to it, it's very easy. The movement is very beautiful and makes the coffee even more delicious and special. This is also part of the specialty coffee process that Shibalist thinks.

The well-thought-out simple and beautiful coffee set allows you to enjoy coffee with a stable taste seamlessly inside and outside your home. The coffee beans are finer than usual, and the combination with the overwhelming permeation speed leads to the discovery of new flavors. Please try various recipes.

- Exclusive size for Orea Brewer V3 Frost and Orea Brewer V3 Basalt Black
- All eco-friendly plant-based organic materials
- Abaca fiber grown exclusively on plantations in Ecuador and the Philippines
- Cellulose from FSC certified European pine plantations
- Plant-derived polylactic acid
- Control from production to processing at our factory in Barcelona, ​​the base of raw materials
-A special bag that prevents odors from transferring , using materials that return to the soil
-Sibarist domestic regular product

Material: Abaca fiber, cellulose fiber, polylactic acid
Capacity: 50 pieces
Country of Origin: Spain

wanderout is a Japanese authorized dealer of Sibarist.

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