How to remove / Alutec Aluminum Box

How to remove / Alutec Aluminum Box

Add a little effort to the usual box to make it look beautiful.

Recently, I have been spending more time at home, and I am enjoying the work of maintaining and adjusting the appearance to my liking. This is the 6th Altec aluminum box. After trying various series and sizes, I ended up with the classic series, but the blue handle part really bothered me. Some of you may feel the same way.


In the past, the material was relatively soft and could be cut with a knife, but the current model is hard and cannot be cut with a knife. I use a tool called a heat knife, which has a knife-shaped tip of a "soldering iron". It is not a sharp blade, but melts and cuts with heat, so it can be removed without damaging the base handle.

By adding a little more effort, I hope you can enjoy it as something you can love for a longer time.


alutec aluminum box 2
alutec aluminum box 3

I love my DREMEL heat knife. A cordless gas torch is easy to handle and has a beautiful appearance.


*Smoke may be produced as the material is cut while being melted by heat. Be sure to wear a mask and respond in a space where you can secure enough ventilation.
*The parts of the blue handle may melt and fall down. Please be sure to respond on the ground of incombustible material.

Alutec / Aluminum Box is a special model that is currently only available at Pacific Furniture Service, an authorized Japanese distributor, so if you are interested, please contact us directly.

Wanderout has transitioned to handling Wanderout / Universal Box 47L and Wanderout / Universal Box 29L, but the size is almost the same as Alutec, so please refer to the journal for reference.

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