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Bringing nature closer

Take out two "Alutec / Aluminium Box Classic 48L" and prepare for this camp. The way we interact with nature has changed with the times, and we have come to want to incorporate nature into our lives more rationally.


I feel that going back and forth between the city and nature and "quiet and relaxing" is necessary for my life. When I let myself go with the flow of nature and feel the correct passage of time, my mind and body seem to realize something.


By clarifying the purpose, we can see what we really need. The tools are selected according to the rule that small items can fit in two boxes. The simpler it is, the closer you feel to nature. My tools are the ones I use everyday at home. The familiar tools are skillful, and everyone can have a lively conversation without concentrating too much on cooking. Also, it is very reasonable without increasing the amount of luggage at home.


Decide on the menu first

This time we camped with 4 people. Select the necessary tools and seasonings from your kitchen and put them in the box.

- Dim sum in bamboo steamers while enjoying the scenery during the day

- In the evening, enjoy chicken sukiyaki at Marusuki in Kamaasa Shoten.

- If you're feeling a little hungry, you can have steamed steamed buns to finish your meal.

- Easy coffee while waiting for the sunrise in the early morning

- Breakfast uses local vegetables and a lot of soup in a waterless pot


Alutec 48L 01
Alutec 48L 02
Alutec 48L 04
Alutec 48L 04
Alutec 48L 05
Alutec 48L 01
Alutec 48L 02
Alutec 48L 04
Alutec 48L 04
Alutec 48L 05


Store small tools together

Decide on up to two bags and select tools. One is cooking tools, and the other is LED lamps and speakers. At this time, if you select a bag with a height that does not exceed 24 cm, it will be easy to take out and comfortable. There are various types of small bags, but there is no one that combines everything into one, and the wanderout / Dry Mesh Bag is very rational.


Alutec 48L 3

Wanderout / Dry Mesh Bag Small


Adjust height up to 25cm

Utensils and cups are stacked so that the height of the box does not exceed 25 cm. It's best if the diameter of pots and pans is between 18cm and 22cm because it's easy to handle inside the box.

Alutec 48L 4

Well-used tools at home and outside. Stacking according to the diameter of various tools.


Ambientec / Turn+ tried different camera lens cases and settled on Wandrd inflatable lens cases. A case that can be inflated with air can be handled roughly. Since the height can be adjusted, the charger can be stored and carried at the bottom when staying for 2 nights or more.

Alutec 48L 5



Snow Peak's burners are oriented horizontally to fit beautifully in the box. This time, I used two partition plates from the partition kit.


Wanderout / Partition Set For Classic 48L


Easy to take out and store vertically

Arrange the small tools vertically. It's easy to see where everything is at a glance, and it's easy to put in and take out.

Alutec 48L 7

The other box holds four chairs, an air mattress, and a fire stand. After taking out all the gear at the site, I set a garbage bag and use it as a trash box.

Alutec 48L 8

A comfortable camp for me is created from a free sense of values. The tools stored in this box are ideas born from living with familiar things. In short, there are no rules, and I hope that you will find an opportunity to live in your own way.


Recently, cars have become smaller, and people are starting to easily incorporate nature with less luggage. Next time I would like to introduce a more compact storage with 30L.

Alutec 48L 9

Alutec / Aluminum Box is a special model that is currently only available at Pacific Furniture Service, an authorized Japanese distributor, so if you are interested, please contact us directly.

Wanderout has transitioned to handling Wanderout / Universal Box 47L and Wanderout / Universal Box 29L, but the size is almost the same as Alutec, so please refer to the journal for reference.

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