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Two years have passed since we started handling Rab . I learned about the announcement of the envelope-shaped down jacket " Outpost " series on the news in my home country, and since there were no plans to release it in Japan, I went out of my way to order it, and it's a product I have a lot of feelings for. After experiencing it in various environments, it has now become an indispensable tool.

Sleepwear is one of the most difficult camping tools to recommend due to the four seasons and family structure. It's especially complicated if you have small children and need to cover them until the cold season. For auto camping, you don't need to be too strict about the size of your packing, but if you have two children, the sleeping bag alone can be quite bulky. The British brand Rab's sleeping system was the perfect solution.

A brand called Rab

Rab is a brand founded in 1981 by British climber Robert Carrington, and produces highly reliable, high-quality items for extreme cold environments and alpine climbing around the world. Robert is particularly good at insulation materials such as down and synthetic fibers, and his first product was a down sleeping bag that he sewed himself in the attic of his home. As expected from an authentic brand, the lineup includes many technical items with clear uses and purposes, and the sleeping bags are also divided into shapes, temperature ranges, and fill power , which is the standard for down quality. However, among such a full-fledged lineup, there is an item in the " Outpost " series that stands out and stands out in a unique position.

Envelope-shaped down "Outpost"

It has a distinctive envelope shape, which means it's not meant for mountain climbing to high altitudes, and it's made of down material. The temperature range is 5℃ for Outpost 300 , 5℃ for Outpost 500 , and -5℃ for Outpost 700 . Temperature zone notations are very difficult to judge because the experience differs from person to person, but by combining these three types, it is a system that can be used outside of the harsh winter months. Outer fabric is made from 30- denier Pertex® Quantum recycled ripstop nylon with a fluorocarbon-free, environmentally friendly DWR durable water repellent finish. Even within Rab 's lineup, it is neither a complete low-priced entry-level item nor an item for experts. Rather, it is a position with deep pockets that covers both.

Mummy type and envelope type

Comparing the mummy type, which is shaped to fit the body, and the envelope type, the mummy type makes it difficult for the warm air trapped inside to escape, making it an option in cold weather, but it can be a bit cramped. On the other hand, the envelope type has a spacious interior, so it is not suitable for the harsh winter months, and the hood and neck are loose due to its structure, allowing heat to escape easily. However, it is not cramped and you can sleep comfortably like a futon at home. In fact, it can be said that the reason we only have rectangular bedding in our homes is because humans have chosen a type of loose and comfortable sleeping style.

The neck area, which is the weak point of the envelope style, has a neck baffle that prevents warm air from escaping, and can be tightened with a drawcord. This process is unique to a serious manufacturer that also makes sleeping bags for the harsh winter months. Similarly, there is a baffle around the side zipper where the down layer becomes thinner, so it won't slip through. Additionally, there is a small zipper at the neck that can be used to store small items that are easy to lose, such as keys. Everything, including this one, takes time and money to make, but you can get a glimpse of the company's attitude of prioritizing not only cost, but also practicality and functionality.

Sleeping comfortably outdoors is the most important issue that can be said to be an eternal theme, but a high-quality envelope-type bed is the best, taking into account the conditions. Also, since I mainly focus on auto camping, I have just the right balance of keeping my gear light and organized in a rational manner, but not cutting things down so stoically that I have to put up with it, and ensuring home-like comfort. In that sense, Rab 's envelope-shaped down jacket is very interesting. Existence.

Upper and lower connection

Outpost can be used as an open quilt by opening the zipper all the way. It has some convenient features, such as being able to easily adjust the temperature and being able to use it as a large blanket, but up to this point, it's pretty standard. What's interesting is that you can connect the top and bottom. Domestic manufacturers also have specifications that allow you to connect the L and R ZIPs on the sides, but this is possible only with the envelope type. Moreover, it can be connected even in different temperature zones such as Outpost 300 and Outpost 500 . When you look at the sleeping bag, you come across the problem that the loft on the back side collapses and does not function properly, but in the case of Outpost , the back side where the loft collapses due to weight is the thin Outpost 300 , and the opposite side is the thicker Outpost 500 or It can also be an Outpost 700 . In the UL (ultra light) world, it is becoming standard to remove the down on the back side, but even if you don't go so far, it is reasonable because you can combine three different temperature ranges depending on the temperature of the day. It's a target.

set overlapping

On cold days, I stack Outposts in two different temperature ranges. Because it fits more closely to the body, it blocks cold air and reduces the weaknesses of the envelope shape. The feeling of being wrapped up in a bed without feeling cramped will make you addicted to it.

Whether alone or with family

Additionally, there are other benefits to being able to combine different temperature zones. Sometimes the whole family goes camping, but sometimes my father goes alone with friends. That being said, most of the time, my father carries a sleeping bag all year round, while other family members carry it occasionally. Since I go camping throughout the year , my family needs to have several that cover a fairly wide temperature range and that can be connected. In other words, if you prepare multiple temperature ranges for the father, you can choose the most suitable temperature range when you are alone, and connect and use the temperature range together when you go with your children, so you can be systematic without wasting anything. Can be configured. Even as a couple, it's a good idea to have different temperature zones for the two of you, so when you're solo, you can bring one of you, and when you're a duo, you can connect and go together. This is a versatile sleeping system that can be used for a wide range of purposes.

I use the " Outpost " series as a comforter at home, but the down quality of the sleeping bag is better than that of a comforter, and it is very light and warm. The colors also have a delicate atmosphere typical of the UK . It is square ( 210 x 160cm ) and can be used with commercially available duvet covers, so it won't look out of place as a futon for home bedding. It is also the best choice for casual use as a comforter when guests come over.

Rab's philosophy seen in storage bags

This sleeping bag can be used not only for wearing with other clothes, but also for sleeping with other people, and the storage bag is also excellent. Down sleeping bags are sensitive to moisture and to prevent the down loft from decreasing, so they often come with a large, well-ventilated bag for storage in addition to a storage bag for packing. At first glance, Rab 's storage bag looks cool. It is black in color and is made of a breathable cotton/polyester hybrid material. The shape is square when viewed from the side, and it fits very well when stored. Item names are clearly and beautifully displayed even when stored. The use of high-strength polyester in only two areas on the sides, and placing the right materials in the right places, is also clever. Compared to the simplicity of a general storage bag, the bottom of the storage bag is made of a material that resists scratching, and the rest is made of breathable material that prevents stuffiness.In short, it is costly and troublesome, but it is worth it. is doing good things properly. From the design of the storage bag, which is the most neglected item, I can feel Rab 's design philosophy, research attitude toward products, and determination to realize it without compromise.

To the origin of the product

Europe has a higher sense of crisis than Japan when it comes to climate change and consideration for the environment, and is taking concrete measures ahead of the others, but ethical considerations for animal-derived materials are also progressing as well. I think this is due not only to the country and manufacturer, but also to the high level of awareness on the part of the users who seek the product, and for down products, RDS ( Responsible Down Standard ) certification is an important indicator. . RDS certification is an international certification standard that guarantees that feathers come from farms that do not engage in unfair treatment of animals, such as collecting feathers from live birds or force-feeding them. In addition, there are several strict requirements regarding animal welfare, such as feeding, the environment of the barn, and whether the animals can go outside the barn, and all certification is performed by a third-party organization. It's a story that makes you want to close your eyes a little, but the fact that there is such a certification means that there is something that is not true. As someone who has a considerable relationship with nature and enjoys its richness, if I have a choice to make, I would like to choose the right one.

By having multiple types for solo use, it is suitable for most situations other than the harshest of winter, and by connecting it, it can also be used when traveling with the family. Although it is envelope-shaped, the packing size is small because it is made of down, and the quality of the UK- made item is impeccable in every detail. Functional and beautiful storage with a sense of security. Ethically processed down. As something that feels good to use, it is not just a function for sleeping, but also the experience before and after sleeping, including storage, and even the raw materials. This is a product that once again made me realize that it can lead to comfort, including its meaning.

The perfect sleeping system that conveys the attractive brand Rab . Next time, I would like to review the higher-spec " Mythic Ultra " series and mattresses.

Rab/Outpost System

Outpost 300

Outpost 500

Outpost 700

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