Wanderout / Universal Cup Titanium

Universal Cup Titanium

Vessel that arrived

Before you know it, the wanderout / Universal Cup has become an indispensable tool in your daily life. The 175ml small cup is very comfortable to hold, and it is actually a useful size for soba choko cups and bottled beer glasses. However, because it is made of stainless steel, coffee and wine will oxidize and the taste will change.

I knew that titanium was the only way to prevent oxidation, but because it is a very hard material, it is not easy to create a beautiful hairline finish. When it came to double walls, there were a lot of problems, but we finally arrived at a factory in Tsubamesanjo, a world-famous metal processing town. Repeated trial and error, it is possible to reproduce with the pride of craftsmen and advanced technology. You wouldn't even imagine that each piece is so carefully crafted. A seemingly inorganic cup. If you take it in your hand, you will want to cherish it.

painstaking polishing

Titanium, which has a thermal conductivity of about 1/4 that of iron, cannot dissipate the heat of polishing, causing smoke to rise and sparks to scatter immediately. When I touched the polished cup, I noticed that it was too hot to hold. I feel that it was half a year of trial and error in order to memorize the degree of polishing with my body. Skilled handwork is exactly the skill of a craftsman.

Universal Cup Titanium 2

Universal Cup Titanium 3

Polishing in the first process, sparks fly from titanium.

The hardest part was erasing the double wall weld seams. A typical double-walled cup made of titanium often has welded seams remaining near the mouthpiece. I couldn't see it until the end, but I was overwhelmed by the pride of the craftsman, saying, "I can still see the seams." You can't easily reproduce this beautiful appearance, such as denting with too much force or holes with too much grinding.

Universal Cup Titanium 4

After the second polishing process, I can't see the seams.

The size that human hands like

The side lines are sharp, and the size is φ70mm x H70mm, which is very familiar to Japanese people. It is thicker to the limit height, rebuilt with a smooth taper near the mouth, and has improved heat retention. The 175ml capacity is universal and highly versatile, making it ideal not only for drinks but also for small bowls when camping on a small table. By changing to titanium, not only does it focus on taste, but it is also highly durable and weighs 50g.

Universal Cup Titanium 5

Universal Cup Titanium 6

Beautiful drinking mouth taper.

harmonious consideration

Witnessing the beautiful polishing all the way down to the bottom, which no longer looks like titanium, I naturally feel like I should stop adding logos and symbol marks. At camp, the scenery that spreads out in front of you is the main character, and I don't think it's necessary to overstate the product. Also, from the perspective of items that can be used comfortably in everyday life, unfortunately, large logos and marks often get in the way so that the logos of high-quality furniture and products do not stand out. At wanderout, I would like to keep the logo as modest as possible, and carefully select, create, and introduce the value of the product so that people can choose it based on the product itself.

Universal Cup Titanium 7

Universal Cup Titanium 8

After finishing the third polishing process, it no longer looks like titanium.

An era full of things

I've been asked if it's vacuum insulated, but the double wall cup without a lid didn't change the temperature enough to be noticeable. In addition, factories that can produce perfect vacuum conditions are rare, so they are expensive and mass production is required. Lid is when carrying. Leave that to your water bottle and the Universal Cup is the perfect spec for your daily life. Of course, stacking is also possible, so you can carry it compactly.

Making things in an age overflowing with things. Telling the background and creating an opportunity to cherish it may lead to a solution. The test inside and outside the house is over, and it's just a little bit more until the release.

Universal Cup Titanium 9

Universal Cup Titanium 10

Testing with the new wanderout / UNIVERSAL PLATE 48.

Universal Cup Titanium 11
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