Style Japan for wanderout / Mosquito Coil Holder “Kayari”

Style Japan for wanderout / KAYUKI

Modern mosquito coil holder “Kayari”


I think there are many people who say that the worst thing about summer outdoors is "insects".

As a countermeasure, insect repellent spray and insect repellent incense. However, when it comes to incense burning vessels, it is difficult to find simple and beautiful ones that are suitable for outdoor use and do not interfere with the scenery. Designed by furniture designer Makoto Koizumi, the “Kayari” is a modern mosquito coil holder with a simple and clean aluminum body and beautiful geometric hole details. Rattan is wrapped around the handle, creating an excellent contrast between the cool metal texture and natural materials. Each piece is handmade from aluminum molding to rattan winding at a factory in Sumida Ward, Tokyo. The handle is foldable and thin, and since it's made of aluminum, you don't have to worry about it breaking if you drop it, and it's light and easy to carry. It has a balance function that prevents ash from flying and can be hung from above. In addition, because of the simple design that blends naturally with the interior, you can enjoy incense and aroma in your home throughout the year. For this reason, it is called "Kayari (蚊遣)" instead of "Kayari (香遣)".


This time, when creating a special model for Style Japan and wanderout, in order to ask about the background of the product again, Mr. Eoct Takahashi, the originator, Mr. Makoto Koizumi, a designer, Mr. Shobayashi of "Shoei Industry" who is involved in the production, "Omi Neratan,” we interviewed Mr. Komine.



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|STYLE JAPAN for wanderout / mosquito coil holder “Kayari” (Movie)

|The birth of mosquito coil holder “Kayari”

|Design is born from encounters with people

|Precise and delicate handiwork that carefully considers how to use


Until the Mosquito coil holder “Kayari”  is born


wanderout (hereafter W)

Mr. Takahashi likes to spend time on the terrace of his house, and he used to put chrysanthemum incense in his mosquito net. I heard that it was possible. In the life of going back and forth between the inside and outside of the house, mosquito coil holder “Kayari” was a very ideal product for wanderout. The sophisticated design goes well with modern living spaces, and the function of being able to hang it at home as well as outdoors is excellent. This is the first time I've produced a bespoke piece with wanderout.


E-oct Takahashi

We receive a lot of original and bespoke stories. The decisive factor in making a bespoke order with wanderout was that they understood the value and meaning of design. Another important point was that in terms of how to use and how to use it, the idea of ​​creating something that can be used outside and inside, which was the starting point for development, matched. As a result, the design was perfected by Mr. Koizumi, our company, and wanderout without deviating from the original incense we made. It also became an opportunity to convey the charm of this incense.


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Design is born from encounters with people



Was there a particular reason for combining the modern shape, the inorganic texture of aluminum, and the natural material rattan?


Designer Makoto Koizumi (K)

When I got the offer, the first thing I thought about was who to work with. The shape and method of making it differs from person to person, and even the same metal can be completely different depending on the person who processes it. Then I thought about the function of the mosquito trap and what kind of material would be good. Materials related to Nambu ironware, pottery, porcelain, glass, stainless steel, and aluminum. However, considering that ceramics may break and Nambu ironware is heavy, we proposed aluminum. The reason is that it is lightweight and portable. Furthermore, aluminum is an environmental material. It was also in line with Eoct's sustainable philosophy.

If I were to use aluminum, I decided to use "Shoei Industry", which is indebted to me for enamel products. Shoei Kogyo specializes in pressing iron, and this technology can be applied to a variety of materials. Above all, they are very passionate people, and they have not only technical skills but also spirit. When it comes to manufacturing, I believe that it is not enough to just have the technology and materials.


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Carefully hand-made from the mold, the beautiful appearance that cannot be produced with CAD is born from here (Shoei Industry)


We decided on a rough shape, shared design requests and technical ideas, and worked together to find a way to improve the functionality of the mosquito trap without making it difficult to manufacture, repeating trial and error. The idea for rattan rolls is that it hurts your hands and eyes if you hold it with aluminum, so I got the idea from the rattan rolls that are wrapped around teapots and kettles. By chance, Eoct members found Omineratan, a maker of rattan furniture and rattan products near Shoei Kogyo, and asked them to come and talk to them. As a result, the industrial feeling of aluminum is softened, and the presence of rattan gives it a crafty smell. I think it has become a very emotional product.


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The beautiful work of handling rattan is a traditional craft (Omineratan) that has been passed down since the Edo period.


Where did the idea of ​​hanging come from?



When designing shapes, I often think of things other than conventional performance. Of course, we also thought about how we would use it. I've never hung a mosquito net before, but when I hang it, it doesn't get in the way, and it might be a good relationship between scent and people. Ceramics and glass can break if dropped. Nambu Ironware is too heavy to hang. The idea of ​​hanging has become a function that can only be done with aluminum. In the first proposal, I showed a design drawing of this incense hanging on a free-standing piece. At that time, I was told that I wanted to make a Jizai Koma, so this project is actually still in the middle stage.


incense 5

The hanging appearance is the one and only functional beauty


Including this Koui, what are the things that you are particular about in design and manufacturing, and that you cannot give up?



I try not to start with what to make. Who do you work with first? I'm a designer who believes that you shouldn't start designing without meeting someone. The feeling that we lend a hand when the person we meet wants it. Mosquito was also triggered by Mr. Eoct's request for something like this. Making things together means maintaining long-term relationships with people. It's not the end when the product is completed, but the things we make are in the process of growing myself and the company involved in the production. On top of the relationships that are built in this way, things will continue to be made. The project grows together, and I think it's interesting to see how each other grows. There were many new things to learn about Koi this time by trying new things. It is precisely because we have chosen a shape that both parties agree with that we are able to create good products, and I think that is the key to sustaining that. Both parties share ideas, find better solutions, and repeat trial and error. Creating a good product equals creating a good relationship when creating a single product.



The original is silver, but what was your impression when you saw the bespoke black?



In this project, I thought it was important how to put it in the right place. We looked at a lot of color samples of aluminum and first of all shared what we thought. It was this black that was decided repeatedly. Even in black, there is a subtle difference in color, and the cost is high, so there was no reason to stop. It took a long time, and there were some hardships, but we decided on the color after much deliberation. I think that the process in the middle of it was a very good process. As a result, the color, the process, the cost, everything made sense. I love this black. It has a calm impression, and although it has a solid feeling like Nambu ironware, it is very light when you hold it. Appearance is also good when it is placed all the time as one of the scenery of life. The original silver has a casual impression. I think that you can easily use the inside and outside of this, so even if you have two, you can divide the roles.

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Precise and delicate handiwork with careful consideration of how to use it



I heard that modern incense is packed with a lot of commitment. Please tell me the specific points.


"Shoei Industry" Shorin (S)

We specialize in a technique called "diaphragm". I've had a long relationship with Mr. Koizumi, the designer. So, I created a shape once, proposed it to Mr. Koizumi, and finished it based on that shape.


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The storage unit is made by slowly and carefully drawing out a single piece of flat aluminum by hand so that it stands straight up. Edges are created by scraping and shaving the raised parts, which can cause injuries. Simply rounding the edges spoils the design. The cool design does not break and does not hurt when used. I'm aiming for that last minute line.


incense delivery 9


On the back of the lid, there is a protrusion to keep the surface with tar from touching the table. This sharp protrusion is a unique function of this incense, which is a combination of everyone's ideas, designs and processing techniques. The surface of the lid is also ingenious, and although it looks straight for a moment, it actually has a slight bulge. That way, you can look straight and get a sense of luxury. Conversely, if you make it straight, it will look dented, which is strange. In that way, we made suggestions about how things might be better, and responded to suggestions and consultations from Mr. Koizumi and Mr. Eoct from a technical perspective. Perhaps the greatest attraction of this incense is that it is made entirely by hand, and that it is filled with many delicate details that cannot be seen just by looking at it.


incense 10

Protrusions born from technical ideas


The rattan wrap around the handle softens the impression. What kind of tricks do you use to keep the rattan from unraveling even when you use it frequently, such as carrying it inside and out?


"Omineratan" Komine (below O)

Wisteria cut into thin strips to fit the width of the handle is dipped in water and then wrapped. Exquisite power, speed and rhythm when winding. As you go along, you will feel a sense of routine. It is not good to just pull when adjusting, pull in the tightening direction. Rattan has elasticity, tenacity, and strength, so it is important to make adjustments based on the characteristics of the material. If you roll it in one direction, it will inevitably become oblique. After it is finished winding, arrange the surface so that it is level. The reason why the rattan is first moistened with water is to facilitate such adjustments. Wisteria has the excellent property of being tightly closed when dry. Rattan is a natural material. It is a hardy plant that can withstand any environment. The reason why it does not unravel is that we understand the characteristics of rattan and use it as a suitable material. I think it will connect.


incense 11

incense 12


Techniques unique to handicrafts that have been handed down through the ages. What is necessary to pass on to the next generation?



In the Sengoku period, it was used as a weapon, and in the Edo period, everyday items such as clay pot fishing, flower arrangements, and pillows began to be made. As rattan products became popular, the number of imported products increased, and the number of domestic craftsmen decreased significantly. Even if there is a desire to pass on the craftsmanship to the craftsmen, it is not the time to take over the family business, and it is difficult to train young people as a profession. In the world of craftsmen, it is said that you can grow up to be a full-fledged person, but I may never be able to become a full-fledged person because I have not been trained yet (laughs). Although there are still various problems such as the lack of successors and soaring prices, there is a strong demand for good natural materials and reliable quality, and it is also true that the value as a traditional craft is being reconsidered. . If there are people who want to do something or if there is an opportunity like this time, it may be important to actively interact and help each other by nurturing both people and traditional techniques.


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This time, from the birth of modern mosquito coil holder “Kayari” to the background of production, the attention to detail and spirit of made-in-Japan products. We interviewed him about the design philosophy born from the handiwork that has been handed down in Sumida Ward over the years, from the perspectives of ideas, designs, and creators.


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